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Over the years, MESCO has provided the technical and production capacity to meet the stringent requirements of leading manufacturers of spring loaded valve actuators that control the flow of fluids and gases. We are able to manufacture the actuator and control valve springs with much closer tolerances than the standards, thereby achieving more consistent torque output.

Critical Process like the following are adopted for the consistent performance of the valves


• Bright bars for accurate spring characteristics
• Closely controlled manufacturing process including special processes like heat treatment and grinding
• Mandatory permanent set removal
• Spring rate & load-deflection characteristics are maintained with more demanding tolerances as compared to the industry standards, giving you very high reliability and consistency
• Material integrity maintained by in house Magnetic Particle Inspection Test

Mesco Springs

MESCO is serving several customers from the Construction, Elevator, Engineering, Electrical, Mining, Mass transportation, Agriculture, Consumer Industries since 1969. MESCO Springs is the trusted spring manufacturer for performance, durability and endurance.

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