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Vibration Control & Shock Isolation

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Our Springs are used in critical applications for active vibration control to isolate the cause / source of the vibration e.g. Power Plants, Metal Forming Machinery, Turbines. Similarly, for passive vibration control our springs are used to isolate the precision equipment from the induced vibrations
Springs used in the pipe hanger and pipe supports have unique requirements which need to take into account the type of the system – constant or variable. This unique application makes the system heavily dependent on the quality and the precise consistency of its coil spring component. We recognize the fact that having a reliable and durable spring helps you save precious assembly time, increase the efficiency and improve the quality of your product thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
Vibration Control & Shock Isolation
• Engineering review with emphasis on varying stress levels
• Preserving material integrity
• Quick turnaround time with faster deliveries

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MESCO is serving several customers from the Construction, Elevator, Engineering, Electrical, Mining, Mass transportation, Agriculture, Consumer Industries since 1969. MESCO Springs is the trusted spring manufacturer for performance, durability and endurance.

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