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Heavy Duty Springs

Heavy Duty Springs
•  Wire Diameters: 8.10mm to 55.00mm
•  Types: Compression, Tension, Torsion & Wire Forms (Max up to
     16mm dia)
•  Shapes & Forms: Uniform Pitch, Variable Pitch, Pig Tail Ends, Custom
     Shapes / Forms
•  Materials: Unalloyed High Carbon Steels, Alloyed Carbon Steels
     (SiMn, CrSi, CrVa)
•  Finishing Processes: Electroplating, Galvanizing, Zinc Flaking,
     Painting, Powder Coating, Special Coatings
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Mesco Springs

MESCO is serving several customers from the Construction, Elevator, Engineering, Electrical, Mining, Mass transportation, Agriculture, Consumer Industries since 1969. MESCO Springs is the trusted spring manufacturer for performance, durability and endurance.

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