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Electrical switches used in domestic applications need to have consistency and repeatability to have a trouble free life. The rocker switches must be fitted with springs having very accurate length and characteristics to ensure the desired contact action. Push buttons, toggle switches, rotary switches, limit switches; all need highly accurate springs which can ensure repeatability over their envisaged operating life. Our springs are closely controlled to achieve very accurate lengths and removal of permanent set to relieve the residual stresses, thereby guaranteeing consistency demanded by these applications.
Typical processes for these types of spring application are:
• Coiling process controlled with online length measuring and sorting device
• Continuous conveyor tempering
• Permanent Set remova

The consumer industries have varied applications of springs. Each of these applications requires a very accurate process, close process controls and high degree of automation to cater to the volumes. Some of the important applications where our springs are used are as follows:

Critical Process like the following are adopted for the consistent performance of the valves

• Washing machines – the springs have to absorb the shock of the rotating drum to minimise the vibrations and reduce wear
• Air conditioners – the compressors have.
• Aerosol valves – the aerosol valves use springs which do not react with the contents of the container and are non-Corrosive. Stainless Steel springs with tapered geometry are appropriate for this application.
• Tyre core valves – A very tiny, but, highly precise spring holds the ball of the valve in place at the opening, preventing the escape of air from the tube of the wheel.
• Umbrellas – the umbrellas must open up instantly and smoothly without any jerks or noise. High carbon springs are used in this application with the removal of residual stresses for consistency of operation. These springs are supplied with a
variety of coating finishes to add aesthetic value.
• Electric switches – the toggle switches with rocker arm are fitted with a variety of high precision springs to trigger the rocking action.
• Gas regulators – springs used in gas regulators and valves are critical from the safety point of view. These springs are manufactured with excellent process control and removal of residual stresses.
• Door closing devices – These springs are compact, yet, can withstand huge loads. These are manufactured with enhanced fatigue life by using Chromium Silicon as the raw material.
• Household Appliances – Springs of various configurations are used in household appliances, each with its unique requirement characteristic.
• Furniture and hardware – Window slides, sofas, recliners, door locks, etc. all need a variety of springs for their activation mechanism

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