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Manufacturing Capability

Coiling5 Axes CNC Coilers, Heavy Duty CNC Coilers, Auto Coilers
GrindingAuto Downfeed Grinders, Diskus Heavy Grinder
Heat TreatmentElectric Furnaces for Hardening & Tempering
ScraggingAuto Hydraulic Presses, Hand Presses
FinishingPaint Booth

Over the years, we have been perfecting the art of engineered springs at the same time, learning and arming ourselves with the knowledge gained from execution of every order. We manufacture springs utilising the cold coiling and hot coiling technologies. Springs manufactured from hardened and tempered wires 0.10mm to 14.00mm are cold coiled and stress relieved by tempering. Springs manufactured from annealed wires / bars 8.00mm to 55.00mm are either cold coiled or hot coiled and are heat treated after forming.


Coiling on 3 and 5 axes CNC Coilers with accurate pitch and length control with 3 sorting attachment


Grinding on auto down feed grinders and diskus heavy duty grinders

Heat Treatment:

Electric Furnaces for hardening and tempering with thyristor controls for accurate temperature and time control.

Through controlled heating the materials and surfaces are processed as carefully as possible. Adequate material handling automation is employed to avoid decarburisation, the springs are directly transferred from the furnaces at hardening temperature into the quenching medium. In quality-assured processes, constant temperatures and times (in hardening and tempering) guarantee the constant quality of our products.

Scragging / Pre-stressing:

Hand Presses / Hydraulic Presses for scragging and pre-stressing


Paint booth for 2 pack epoxy coating

It’s the people who make the difference at MESCO.

In addition to technology, processes and quality management, above all it is our employees that make the difference. They are highly specialised in everything to do with spring production. It is important to us to require all employees use their talents and capabilities and to provide support for them. To do this, we rely on continual on the job training which forms the basis for a high degree of motivation as the foundation for the production of extraordinary products.