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Steel Matters


Stainless Steels
Unalloyed Spring Steels – Tempered
Oil Tempered Spring Steels
Alloyed Spring Steels – Annealed
Other Grades
SS 302, SS 304, SS 316
Gr2, Gr3, SM, SH, DM, DH
SUP9, SUP11, SUP12, SAE 9254, SAE 5160, SAE 6150, EN 47, EN 48, 50CrV4
PB, Inconel X750, 17-4PH, 17-7PH, Tungsten H21

It is a fact that over the working life of spring, substandard steel will diminish the expected performance of the industrial spring. At, MESCO our relationship with the suppliers of high grade steel go back for many years. The benefit? Our customers get the assurance of meticulous consistency, better availability and fair pricing. Our strong bonds with our suppliers help us offer our customers faster response, quicker turnaround time and assurance of meeting the specifications. Regardless of the final application, every spring that we supply is made from the highest quality raw materials. No Exceptions.

Different applications require different materials. At MESCO, we have a wide range of materials available to suit the requirements of a diverse customer base. We carry an exhaustive inventory of 14 grades and about 225 sizes of raw materials in the forms of spools, coils, wire rods and straight bars. In order to counter the varying and unpredictable customer demands, we carry a large inventory to reduce the lead time of our customers’ orders.