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Testing Capabiities

Load DeflectionDigital Testing Machines (5Kg, 300Kg, 5MT & 20MT)
Physical PropertiesHardness Tester
Crack DetectionMagna Flux Testing
Every Spring manufacture at MESCO comes with the MESCO assurance
Important quality processes are:
•  Verification of customers drawings and specifications for feasibility for application and stress analysis
•  Design, Quality Assurance Plan and Master Job Specifications
•  Procurement of raw material from reliable steel mills
•  Control of incoming material – All raw material is Ultrasonically / MPI tested
•  Selection of correct raw material to suit the application
•  Control of in process material
•  First piece / sample approval
•  On line inspection & process control
•  Batch or sample inspection of production
•  Internal / Self inspection reports for every batch consisting of dimensional specifications and load – deflection characteristics
•  Material certificates specifying chemical and physical properties
•  All our measuring instruments, spring testers and temperature gauges are calibrated periodically