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Testing Capabiities

Load Deflection Digital Testing Machines (5Kg, 300Kg, 5MT & 20MT)
Physical Properties Hardness Tester
Crack Detection Magna Flux Testing
Every Spring manufacture at MESCO comes with the MESCO assurance
Important quality processes are:
•  Verification of customers drawings and specifications for feasibility for application and stress analysis
•  Design, Quality Assurance Plan and Master Job Specifications
•  Procurement of raw material from reliable steel mills
•  Control of incoming material – All raw material is Ultrasonically / MPI tested
•  Selection of correct raw material to suit the application
•  Control of in process material
•  First piece / sample approval
•  On line inspection & process control
•  Batch or sample inspection of production
•  Internal / Self inspection reports for every batch consisting of dimensional specifications and load – deflection characteristics
•  Material certificates specifying chemical and physical properties
•  All our measuring instruments, spring testers and temperature gauges are calibrated periodically

Mesco Springs

MESCO is serving several customers from the Construction, Elevator, Engineering, Electrical, Mining, Mass transportation, Agriculture, Consumer Industries since 1969. MESCO Springs is the trusted spring manufacturer for performance, durability and endurance.

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