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Our springs are used by OEMs in developing track adjustment assemblies where idler or recoil springs are designed to absorb shock load or binding in the track. Similarly for undercarriages of earthmoving and farm equipment, idler recoil springs, outer recoil and inner recoil springs are used for track adjusters, track frames and spring assemblies. Our springs are used in the modern crawler equipment with the centre tread idlers and automatic track tensioning systems.

When the undercarriage track is too tight, you run the risk of wearing out the sleeve assembly and internal joints, bushings and sprockets. Maintenance of the undercarriage represents as much as 50% of the costs. We manufacture these recoil springs which are placed in the track frame, and compressed before installation. The track adjusting mechanism maintains optimal tension on the track assembly.

Our calibrated and thermally mapped furnaces and accurate grinding process results in optimum metallurgical integrity. We offer Magnetic-Particle Inspection, paint and powder coating, stamping/tagging and in-processing testing.

With the stringent process control as follows, we are able to manufacture springs which give consistently accurate tension to the track adjuster assembly, thereby reducing the wear of the hardware, increase performance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs

• Precise and accurate design and stress calculations
• Controlled manufacturing including heat treatment and grinding
• Special equipment and tooling with emphasis on grinding, pitch control, squareness and parallelism
• Segregation based on length / spring characteristics
• Non-destructive tests like magnetic particle and ultrasonic tests

Earthmoving & Mining Equipment
Earthmoving & Mining Equipment

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